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Difference between Internet and Intranet


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What is the difference between Internet and Intranet?

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  • The Internet is a globally-connected network of computers that enables people to share information and communicate with each other.
  • An intranet, on the other hand, is a local or restricted network that enables people to store, organize, and share information within an organization.


  • The Internet is a wide network of computers that is available to all whereas Intranet is a network of computers designed for a certain group of users.
  • The Internet is a public network and Intranet is a private network.
  • The Internet contains a various sources of information while Intranet only contains group-specific information.
  • The number of internet users are very high but the number of users of the Intranet is limited.
  • Anyone can access the internet while Intranet is accessible only by the organization employees or admin who have login details.